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The iWalk Amour Airbuds bring purity to your music, letting you hear it the way the artist intended.


The design of this Amour Airbuds is not really beautiful but brings a sense of comfort to users. The force is evenly distributed, so wearing it for a long time won’t hurt. Headphones maintain a stable position even when running, gym. This design also provides more effective noise cancellation, so the big guys also apply on their products

Each Amour Airbuds set comes with 4 pairs of replacement tips, with different sizes to change to fit individual ear frames. The body of the headset is made closer to the mouth than previous “true wireless” models, improving the sound of the conversation, especially when users are traveling on the road or in crowded places.

Compared to its predecessor, the Amour Airbuds are made from higher quality plastic, holding a dress, small enough to fit into a pocket or clutch.

The Amour Airbuds has 5 hours of battery life and 25 hours of charging box with medium volume. The option to change the Micro USB charging port to Type C is a reasonable decision. Users do not have to struggle to find Micro USB charger when missed, which can be used with other devices. In addition, despite the relatively soft price, Amour Airbuds still have built-in wireless charging.

Unlike some headphones in the segment that require many steps to connect to a smartphone, you just need to take the Amour Airbuds out of the box and Bluetooth Pairing mode is automatically activated. The product is equipped with a stable Bluetooth 5.0 chip, so the problem of delay or noise from F1 life is overcome.

Unlike traditional wireless headsets that still connect with the second main mechanism (the main ear transmits signals to the other side), the Amour Airbuds are two independent headphones. So if you put one ear away from the other, the connection will remain. This feature is currently only available in expensive true wireless headsets.

All features of the Amour Airbuds are controllable on the touch surface. You only need to touch once on each ear to play or stop, touch once to receive or end the call. If you want to back up, double tap on the left; To move to the next card, double tap on the right.

Keep aside for 3 seconds, Google Assistant or Siri is ready. However, there is a point that makes users unsatisfied is that when transferring cards, the headset emits a rather beeping sound.

But in return, the headset is capable of active noise, eliminating 80% of external noise. When you need to hear the outside sound more clearly and don’t want to remove the headphones, Transparent audio technology captures the sound and plays it in sync with the music you are listening to. The whole process is activated by one touch. The Amour Airbuds are IPX6 waterproof, use for sports or light rain.

Graphene drivers deliver realistic, vibrant sound with minimal distortion when running at high volume. The Amour Airbuds also has an overall “flattering” V-shape sound range (the lower and upper bands are more prominent than the middle, consistent with the brain’s reception).

Go into details, strong bass range, good hitting power, sure. The treble band is clear, not too harsh, and the middle band is a bit sunken compared to the background music. In general, because of the common reach segment, the Amour Airbuds successfully completed the task of playing vibrant and popular songs. When used to watch movies, play games, headsets bring clear, detailed sound.

Model : BTA003
Bluetooth : Version 5.0
Playing Time : 5 hours
Call Time : 4hours
EarBud Battery : 55mAh
Charging Box Battery : 600mAh
EarBud Dimension : 16 x 20 x 14 mm
EarBud Weight : 11.5g
Charging Box Size: 81 x 42x 28.5 mm
Charging Port: USB-C (5V~1A) Wireless Charge : 5W