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Easily use the Poly Blackwire 3315, USB-C with almost all your devices. Connect it via USB to your desk phone or computer or via the 3.5 mm connection on your smartphone or tablet. Just like connecting, the use is simple and the audio performance is excellent. So opt for Poly headphones and enjoy audio quality, wearing comfort and ease of use.


Do you opt for comfortable headphones or a headset with excellent audio? With Poly you don’t have to choose. The Poly BW3315 USB-C has both. An extensive adjustable soft headband with a leatherrette ear pad, audio of the highest quality and as icing on the cake a noise-canceling microphone, which will benefit your conversations.

The Poly Blackwire 3315 is designed to be used anytime and anywhere. That is why you will receive a special travel bag with this headset, a leatherrette ear pad, a USB-C connection and a 3.5 mm connector. You choose the application and the headset is ready. Thanks to the USB-C connection and the 3.5 mm connector you always have a simple and fast installation. Plug the headset into your desk phone, computer, smartphone or tablet and start your first conversation.

Calling and conversing with customers and colleagues
With this practical mono headset you can make calls and conversations with customers and colleagues in your area. Handy if you work in a store and still need to be reachable or regularly have brief consultations with your colleagues. Thanks to its modern design and excellent audio performance, this headset is an excellent addition to any desk. With the pivoting and bendable microphone arm, you are perfectly audible during every conversation. That is good for every conversation.

Choose your own wearing style
With the Poly Blackwire 3315, every user chooses their own wearing style. The 180 degree rotatable ear cup can be used on both ears. Combine this with a leatherrette earcup, a comfortable headband and a weight of only 96 grams (excluding remote control) and you’d rather never take the headphones off.

  • Easily connect to PC, desk phone or mobile devices via USB-A or 3.5mm
  • Soft leatherrette ear cushion
  • Suitable for use with Windows and Mac OS
  • Equipped with Poly SoundGuard: sounds above 118 dBA are automatically softened
  • Uninterrupted calling thanks to a noise-canceling microphone
  • Always in control of the conversation thanks to integrated remote control in the connection cable