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Use the stereo Poly Blackwire 3325, USB-C headset with almost all your devices. Connecting is easy via USB or a 3.5 mm connector. This makes this headset suitable for your desk phone, computer and mobile devices. The BW3325 also scores high in terms of audio performance. With these headphones, Poly lets you enjoy superior audio performance, high wearing comfort and optimum ease of use.


When choosing headphones you often have to choose between audio performance and wearing comfort. Poly makes it easy. The Poly Blackwire 3325 combines the best of both worlds. The outstanding audio qualities and the finish with high-quality, soft materials make the BW3325 a very suitable solution for every desk. Your partners also benefit from this headset thanks to the noise-canceling microphone, which automatically suppresses disturbing background noise, which benefits your conversations.

Use the Poly Blackwire 3325 anytime and anywhere. That is why we supply a travel bag, leatherrette ear pads, a USB-C connection and a 3.5 mm connector with this headset. This way you choose how, where and when you use the headphones. Installation is easy thanks to the USB-C connection and the 3.5 mm connector. Connect the headset with your desk phone, computer, smartphone or tablet and start your first conversation.

Always optimum wearing comfort
Wearing comfort is guaranteed with the Poly Blackwire 3325. Users easily and completely adjust the shape to whatever they like. The microphone can be used both left and right of the head and the leatherrette ear cushions provide great comfort. The metal headband is finished with soft materials so that it feels comfortable on your head. Thanks to a weight of only 130 grams (excluding remote control), you can easily wear these headphones throughout the working day.

Stereo is double enjoyment
In addition to making phone calls, the BW3325 is also very suitable for listening to your favorite music. So always work undisturbed even in busy office environments. Are you going home at the end of the working day? Then disconnect the 3.5 mm cable and connect it to your smartphone. This way you can enjoy conversations and music of the highest quality on the road.

  • Easily connect to PC, desk phone or mobile devices via USB-A or 3.5mm
  • Soft leatherrette ear cushions
  • Suitable for use with Windows and Mac OS
  • Equipped with Poly SoundGuard: sounds above 118 dBA are automatically softened
  • Uninterrupted calling thanks to a noise-canceling microphone
  • Always in control of the conversation thanks to integrated remote control in the connection cable